Most horse owners are aware that the equine mouth needs regular dental attention.  Equine dentistry has advanced in the last 20 years and we now address the entire dental arcade. Smoothing sharp edges, reducing overgrowths and correcting malocclusions. Some of the possible problems initiated from improper dental care include: lacerations of the cheeks from sharp points on the teeth, indigestion problems, painful slow eating, weight-loss, being uncomfortable in the bridle creating behavioral issues, mal-occlusions, TMJ problems, fractured teeth, painful periodontal disease and premature loss of teeth.
Equitage Horse Dentistry
Professional Equine Dental Associates is a veterinary equine dental practice in North San Diego County.  We also serve southern Orange County and Temecula.  We believe that the benefits of modern equine dentistry can increase the longevity of your horse, decrease feed bills and increase your overall enjoyment of your riding companion.  Painful dental conditions can make it difficult for horses to comfortably respond to the bit and many behavioral issues have been resolved with proper dentistry.
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